One of the things I think is missing in our country that use to exist is the culture of mentoring and apprenticeships in the trades.  It may well exist still in trade unions but in the non-union, residential world, it is basically gone.   I am developing a method that will combine online training with real world training with the hopes of developing a new passion in young people for the construction industry.

 I want to foster a renewed vision where students are challenged and have a reason to develop a desire to be artisans.  To do this, we need to bring back the old system of mentoring and apprenticeship.  We need to redevelop the culture of community and quality that once surrounded the craftsman.  The idea that people go into the trades out of desperation or as a last resort needs to be abolished and The attitude that the craftsman is just hired help needs to go away.    This needs to be replaced with education, certification and rewards for accomplishment.   A new respect for the work and the people who do the work must be established.  The artisan must return to our society!