If you are one of our clients, this means you have possibly received excellent training, design services and/or construction consulting.  This also means that you have supported us and helped fund training and education for our apprentices who receive our services at no charge.  We do this because we believe that mentoring and apprenticeship is a lost art in the design and construction industry and want to bring it back.   Our goal is to provide basic training and also team them with a mentor for at least two years to help them through th process of becoming a design and construction professionals. 

We perform many services for our clients such as training on how to build your own home, residential design and drafting services, and construction consulting during the construction phase of your project.  If you are in the need of any of these services please consider allowing us to help you so that we can in return provide training and mentoring to our apprentices.   Please contact me here with any comments or questions you may have.  You can see some examples of our work at www.atdrafting.com.  

Thanks much, ~ArtisanTony