We consider an apprentice someone who is typically between the ages of 16 and 25 but exceptions can be made.  This will be someone who has committed to making the design and construction industry their career.   Our goal would be to meet our apprentices before entering the 10th grade so that we can help and advise on education options with regards to vocational training and/or curriculum choices.    

 Those under 18 will be advised in coordination with their legal guardians but it is important to start the process early.  I had the opportunity to attend a building trades school the last two years of high school and this was a huge advantage for me as I had always planned to make construction my career and I knew this would give me the head start I was wanting. After high school I attended the National Home Builders Apprenticeship Program and again, this set my career in motion.  I had my own framing crew at the age of 19.  I do not say these things to impress you. I tell you this to stress the importance of helping young people get the start they deserve if they had the passion for this industry that I had when I was a teen.  I now own a design-build company and am very happy with the choices I made early in life.

If you or your child are interested in the design and construction industry as a career, I invite you to apply for the free training and other services we will offer to them.  Training specific to new students is coming soon and as we develop our mentoring program, apprentices will have access to professionals in the industry to offer advice and answer questions as the arise.   Please contact me here if you are interested in becoming an apprentice or know someone who is. 

Thanks much, ~ArtisanTony