If you are a professional and are wanting to support our cause please contact me here.  Your help will provide scholarships to apprentices who receive our services for free.  One of the goals of this organization is to bring back mentoring and apprenticeships that once made our industry sustainable and those working, proud to be a part of it.  

We want to make the services and training we provide here at no cost to those who apply and are approved for an apprenticeship.  Typically these are young students wanting to make a carer in the design and construction industry.  Ideally, we will have a physical curriculum with handouts and textbooks to accompany online training.  Becoming a mentor allows you to share your knowledge and keep learning at the forefront of the daily lives of those we serve. 

Apprentices will be treated differently from others enrolled in training at this site.  We will seek to raise money by providing special interest courses for those wishing to pay for learning a specific skill or those who may want consulting services.  These people will be considered students or clients.  A client may be someone who takes our "How to Build Your Own Home" course and pays for construction consulting services while their home is under construction.  These activities will hopefully fund the true goal o this organization and that is to provide mentoring and training to youth who want to make the design and construction industry a career.

Being a mentor will involve more than just financial support if you choose.  Apprentices will be seeking advice and leadership. One way we plan to accomplish this is to have an apprentice only area in the forum where apprentice comments and questions get special attention from instructors and mentors.  I am excited about the potential of this tool and cannot wait to get this going soon.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Thanks much, ~ArtisanTony