The philosophy of an artisan is very complex.  It is so complex that I am writing a book about it.  But in a nutshell; the philosophy states that a student of construction and design should strive to learn every day so there is never a time when you are not learning.   This keeps the artisan humble but mature in his or her abilities.   This approach also encourages planning and reinforces the need for good design.   It also reinforces the idea of using good materials for the job even if they may not be readily available.   The artisan is always thinking about he or she can improve and how the project can be improved.  An artisan does not develop habits that get repeated on every project unless they have been thought through again and are the best solution for that particular job.

The relationships between the artisan, owner or customer and other contractors are also discussed.  The culture of the project should be that artisans working on the project are respected.  Of course, the artisan has a natural respect for all people but this culture of respect for the work and the people around you is what drives the quality of the work.  


All of this may seem rather obvious but when you combine this philosophy with actual training in how to accomplish the work, the result is great projects with happy customers who have learned a new respect for the trades.  Anyone can learn how to build a house but an artisan combines planning, design, materials, and knowledge to create great homes.

I am also developing a mentoring program for young people and apprentices to try to encourage more youth to think of the construction industry as a career. This program will include training and personal mentoring to help guide new apprentices through the first couple of years of their career.  The school will also offer continuing education for experienced industry professionals to further the culture of learning and progressing the trades.  

If you are interested in being a student, apprentice or supporting this cause, contact me here.