For those visiting for the first time I wanted to give an update on the progress and structure of the site.   There are three basic types of courses/classes.  There are:

1. Construction Courses - Full length, multiple-lesson courses involving multiple topics. (i.e... How to Build Your Own Home)

2. Quick Classes - Short, one lesson classes usually on just one topic (i.e... How to Lay Out A Stair).

3. Apprentice Path - 12 month program with monthly lessons and assignments.


Our priority at the moment is the Apprentice Path and completing the classes for the month program.  We have a few months of classes ready and we could take on apprentices at anytime for those interested.  Apprentices must register and be approved for this program but it is free for them.

Our fist Construction Course is our "How to Build Your Own Home" course and it is actually based on a real project we are about to start building.  If you are going to build your own home and want to take this course, contact me and I will get you set up for the course.  We have an introductory cost of $275.00 for this course but that will definitely go up as demand changes.  

Our Quick Classes are free and are just videos showing how to do different things.  We do take requests for these and the cost for that is $75 per video.  Again, these prices will go up as we get more demand and our time gets limited.

All of the paid courses will fund scholarships for apprentices taking the Apprentice Path.  If you think our goal of rebuilding the apprentice culture in this country is worthy, consider supporting us by taking a paid class or donating.   We have server costs and will soon have the cost of a virtual classroom we are working on and also a supplement type handbook we are producing for our apprentices.  It is all exciting stuff for me but is a bit expensive so any help will be appreciated.  We will give donors a special membership at the Mentor level and will also be listed as founding members on a special page on the website.  

You can also help by referring young people who are thinking of making construction a career.  Part of the 12 month Apprentice Path involves personalized career planning.  Thank you for your interest and wish us good luck in 2020. Contact ArtisanTony here!